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Hello, my name is Beatrice Phillips and I am a certified Hippocrates Health Educator and Lifestyle Medicine coach.

I help people move forward with the life they envision for themselves.

With all the demands and busyness in our lives, it is easy to lose sight of the Path. Too often, our dreams and our wants get put on hold while we take care of everything and everyone else. 

I am here to help you reconnect with your most inner desires, illuminate your path and be by your side. As a coach I am your accountability partner in every aspect of your life. Life should be fun and you should have a smile on your face every single day. Happiness is like your breath, it is essential to life. Coaching is a fantastic tool to help you become that person that you always have been – inside. What would life feel like if you could be that person you feel you truly are? 

Connect with me to schedule a  complimentary 30 minute call and learn how you can Rock Your Own World!

Introducing – Happy Healthy Hormones Program

We’ve all been there at one point or another. We’ve wanted to lose weight but can’t, and it seems like the extra pounds also create a domino effect on our lives – depression, low self-esteem, stress, skin problems. We remember a time when youth used to solve all those problems. . . but now? Not so much.

When you eat all you the good foods, and you focus on exercising every day, but still aren’t seeing results, a hormone imbalance may be the culprit.

In my new 6 month program you will learn about your own body, what makes it tick, what makes it burn down. Optimize your efforts and tame your hormones once and for all.


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What does Your Path look like? 

Life is too short to be stressed about the little things and not achieving our goals – or worse, not even having a goal and living day-to-day without a sense of purpose.

How about achieving maximum happiness? What does happiness look like to you? Is it money, relationships, a perfect body, recognition or fame? Maybe you just want to fix your relationship with food? Wherever you are stuck in live, let me help you to:

– set & accomplish goals in an empowering and exciting way
– strive to achieve and maintain your ideal weight 
– increase your energy levels and feel great in your body
– learn about superior foods and incorporate them in your daily life
– improve your personal relationships
– discover the confidence to create the life you want
– create lasting lifestyle mindset shifts that will stay with you for the rest of your life
love yourself first and foremost and have a positive, powerful impact on the world around you.

Let’s unearth your inspiration to get you to where you want to be, in an easy and natural way.

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What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?


Even though I live in FLorida, USA, I work with People from around the world. schedule a free 30-minute session with me to see how coaching can help take your life to the next level.

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To me its all about food – good food, good sleep, good life

There’s nothing like sleeping three hours a night and then waking up to work and school and feeling like a train went over your head. Life goes on but where did your sleep go?

Your Insomnia could be related to hormonal imbalance, and the only way to treat it is to address the big elephant in the room: YOUR HORMONES!

Click here to download the guide: Foods for Insomnia